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Latest News - Won a Major Award 

June 2022 – We are delighted to announce we have won a Gold award at the prestigious international Viddy awards for our work on documentary style wedding films. We are thrilled with this recognition from our peers, and would like to thank all our lovely couples whom we worked with who made this possible. To celebrate, we are running a special promotion for the May bank holiday weekend.

Who are we?

We are an international award-winning documentary style wedding videography team. We are passionate about documentary style wedding videography as we strongly believe by blending naturally into the background on your wedding day allows us the best opportunity to capture the essence of your wedding day as it unfolds. This allows the production of a priceless keepsake which can be enjoyed for years to come with family and friends. With the passage of time, a well-produced documentary style wedding film will become more and more priceless.

Why do we believe in Wedding Films?

We believe that a wedding film is a priceless family keepsake, the true value of which might not be appreciated for 10, 20, or 30 years from your wedding day. When we are creating a wedding film, we are always thinking of the perspective of who will be watching this film and when. Will it be the couple a few weeks after their wedding? Will it be the couple’s children in, 10, 15, or 20 years from now? Will it be the couple in 30 or 40 years? These are all the questions we consider, making sure your wedding film will be one of your most prized possessions into the future. A couple once said to us, “"It's better to have a wedding film and not watch it, than to want to watch it and not have it". We agree  

Tailored Films

Each couple is unique and therefore, every wedding film should be tailored appropriately.  

In the weeks before the wedding day, we meet with our couple and go through the couple’s plan. This enables us to plan where we will be, at what times and what equipment we need.

Apart from going through the above logistics, we also go through any small, but important details which are important to the couple. From these conversations, we have been told about family members with severe special needs, whom the couple would love to have in their film but didn’t think the person would allow it. Because we had asked, knew in advance, and were advised how to act, the person with special needs felt very comfortable around us, allowing us to capture lots of priceless footage of them interacting with the bride on her wedding morning.  

We have also been told about guests, who have recently received a terminal diagnosis We were asked to discreetly get as much footage of this person as we could. Again, this was something the couple are delighted to have, but would not have been possible without consulting with our couples in advance.

We work with all our couples to understand what is most important to them for their wedding film, plan, then work off this plan for the duration of the wedding day. This results in a much better wedding film than asking the bride on the morning of the wedding, “is there anything in particular she would like in her wedding film”, while she is getting hair and makeup done and dealing with last minute minor issues.

We very much see ourselves as having a responsibility to our couples to make sure the wedding day, and wedding film go as smoothly as possible.

Our Style

We shoot a documentary style, which means we document your wedding exactly as it unfolds. We blend into the background in an unintrusive manner, allowing people to interact as if we were not there. More details about our style is available here

If we are asked to quickly describe our style and trademarks we would have to say

  • Exceptional coverage of your wedding service using multiple cameras, including professional audio capture

  • Exceptional coverage of speeches using multiple cameras, including professional audio capture

  • Being a fly on the wall for every other part of your day, capturing all the important and silly moments from bridal preparations, to guests at the drinks reception, to crazy moves on the dance floor, without anyone even realising we are there.  

Our Equipment 

Our equipment is very high quality and very discrete. It's almost certain that our equipment will be smaller and more discreet than the photographers. Many of our clients are eager not to “Have several large cameras in my face”, the morning of their wedding. This most definitely will not be the case with us. We pride ourselves on blending into the background. 

Our Packages

We have invested a lot of time and effort into creating a selection of wedding film packages to cater for every need. From a couple who might be shy and do not want their speeches documented to the couple who want to capture every second of the day's madness from morning til midnight and everything in between. For more information, see our packages 

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