About MMCWeddingFilms

Our Mission

"Our mission is to produce personalised, profession, wedding films". 

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team, who believe every couple's big day should be documented in a high quality film. We are passionate about this. 

Why do we believe in Wedding Films?

Unfortunately, as time goes by, many people who celebrate your wedding day with you, may no longer be around.  A wedding video offers a great opportunity to professionally and naturally capture all your guests enjoying your big day, so this can be relieved in 10, 20, or 30 years time with your kids or even grandkids. Our motto is "It's better to have a wedding film and not watch it, than to want to watch it and not have it". 

Our Style

We shoot a documentary style, which means we document your wedding exactly as it unfolds. We blend into the background in an unintrusive manner, allowing people to interact as if we were not there. 

Our Equipment 

Our equipment is very high quality and very discrete. It's almost certain that our equipment will be smaller and more discreet than the photographers. Many of our clients are eager not to “Have several large cameras in my face”, the morning of their wedding. This most definitely will not be the case with us. We pride ourselves on blending into the background. 

Our Packages

We have invested a lot of time and effort into creating a selection of wedding film packages to cater for every need. From a couple who might be shy and do not want their speeches documented to the couple who want to capture every second of the day's madness from morning til midnight and everything in between. For more information, see our packages 

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